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What makes us unique?

I can personally assure you that your business is very meaningful to our team and will receive the highest degree of attention. It is very important to stress that your confidence in us will not be misplaced.

No matter what work you do, the most important thing is to be well done with passion, responsibility, and respect.

The etc&tal magazine team creates, runs, promotes and covers many social, cultural, sports, and charitable events. It is a unique way of promoting our culture and also showing the events of different cultures, which keep our readers connected with etc&tal magazine and excited for the next issue.

By Isa Melo


etc&tal Magazine Market

Over 700,000 people among Brazilian, Portuguese and Angolan live in Canada and speak the Portuguese language.

Readership Profile – Portuguese/ English

Age 16 – 34 (21%)

Age 35 – 55 (54%)

Age 56 – 65 (25%)

45% College and university degree

55% Business Owners, Professionals

Age 56 – 75 (75%)



etc&tal team

  • Publisher / Editor-in-Chief   Isa Melo
  • Translations   D  Green
  • English Edition  Stacey Green
  • Journalist  Marcelo Brandão 
  • Junior Reporter  Bernardo Aleixo 
  • Volunteer work  Rafaella Melo 
  • Layout  etc&tal 

Publisher / Editor-in-Chief Melo

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