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Top 5 biggest curiosities!

🇨🇦 English 🇧🇷🇵🇹 Portuguese 🇨🇦 English Top 5 biggest curiosities!Curious about the top 5 most interesting facts? Check it out now in this post! 5 richest celebrities in the world5. Jami Gertz, American actress, with $3 billion.4. Oprah Winfrey, American TV presenter, with $3.5 billion.3. Kanye West, American rapper, with approximately $6.5 billion.2. Steven Spielberg, […]

Ontario resumes phase two of “Roadmap to Reopen”

🇨🇦 English 🇧🇷🇵🇹 Portuguese 🇨🇦 English Ontario resumes phase two of “Roadmap to Reopen” Considering the current COVID-19 situation in the country because of the Omicron variant, the Ontario government has returned to phase two of the “Roadmap to Reopen” plan. Despite the high transmissibility of the Omicron variant, data shows that this variation of […]

In effect, the new minimum wage rate

🇨🇦 English 🇧🇷🇵🇹 Portuguese 🇨🇦 English The Ontario government has increased the general minimum wage for workers to $15.00 per hour, effective January 1, 2022. “As the cost of living continues to rise, our government will never stop working for workers, including putting more money in their pockets,” said Premier Doug Ford. Ontario’s new general […]

Flu Shot for Everyone!

🇨🇦 English 🇧🇷🇵🇹 Portuguese 🇨🇦 English Flu Shot for Everyone! The Ontario government is launching one of the biggest immunization campaigns against the flu. With the health of the population of Ontario in mind, vaccination began in November and will be available to everyone through doctors’ offices, specific pharmacies and public health units. For those […]

When the neighbour’s noise bothers

🇨🇦 English 🇧🇷🇵🇹 Portuguese 🇨🇦 English When the neighbour’s noise bothers Who has never gone through uncomfortable situations with excessive noise from the neighbour? A television turned on at high volume, frequent parties with loud music, endless works on the weekends… there are many possibilities! Excessive noise in residential areas is one of the main […]

Are you recycling correctly?

🇨🇦 English 🇧🇷🇵🇹 Portuguese 🇨🇦 English Currently, recycling has been a topic discussed around the world and sustainability is no longer optional, it has become fundamental for human survival. Recycling is reusing garbage in order to reduce its impact on the environment. In Canada, each family is responsible for selective collection in their own home, […]


COVID-19 Data updated November 11, 2021, for eligible Ontarians 12 years and older. Total doses administered 22,668,228 Of eligible population with at least 1 dose* 88.59% Of eligible population fully vaccinated* 85.27% Hospitalized. 251 In ICU due to COVID‑related illness. 132 New daily cases 642 #covid #staysafe #covid19 #pandemic #covidinfo

Vaccination certificate with QR code

🇨🇦 English 🇧🇷🇵🇹 Portuguese 🇨🇦 English The Ontario government recently implemented a safer and easier vaccination verification policy by making the official QR code vaccine certificate available for download, along with the free verification app made by Verify Ontario. The download is now available for anyone to secure their vaccination certificate, and people can call […]

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